Hi My Fellow Un-Dieter! Welcome To My Story.

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Like many of you, I too have a history of diet pills, jumping on FAD diets and overdoing it on exercise just to see some quick results that didn’t always come. If I did see quick results 9 times out of 10 times, they didn’t stick and I found myself once again unhappy with my body and searching for that next fix.

I have been addicted to laxatives, eating as little as possible, going on a 7-14 day lemonade diet and so much more. 

My disordered eating started at a really young age. My twin was always smaller than I was from the time we were born so, naturally, when we were growing up (even though I wasn’t over weight) I still got bullied by my siblings for being in a larger body. 

As I went into my teen years I was determined to change this and started eating as little as possible, I snuck apple cider vinegar diet pills, I worked extra hard and tried to outdo all my siblings just to prove that I was good enough and get my body to lose weight. 

Did I lose weight and get smaller than my twin sister? Yes! I absolutely did and she was mad and I was proud. Talk about unhealthy. 

I also developed serious health problems in this process. My digestion got so bad I had to rely on laxatives just to be able to poop and I had to get my colon washed out at the age of 16.  I was anemic, I was tired all the time and my body was always cold.

I'm Lizzie, a wife, a mom to a beautiful boy named Trevor, a former Amish and Owner / Creator of the Undiet Yourself Program.

Fast forward a few years, I left my Amish family, and got exposed to the convenience of fast food.  I was in heaven!…. Until I gained 20 lbs and started getting bullied for my weight once more. Again I was going to prove my bullies wrong so I went back to my trusty diet pills, extreme low calorie diets and started running. Running became a sport for me. I ran a half and a full marathon. It was awesome because running that much meant I could basically eat whatever I want and not gain weight. I became super skinny and got so many compliments about it. I see now that society puts a huge emphasis on being thin and people consciously, or unconsciously reward us when our bodies are smaller. 

But guess what? Even though I was thinner than I had ever been in my whole life, I still didn’t like my body. What the heck was wrong with me? This was my lowest low. I truly felt like I could never be happy with my body. I was trapped.

But I always knew I had a passion for the physiology and science of the body. So, I went to school for 6 months to get certified as a trainer and it was the best time of my life. 

But I realized almost immediately into my training career that physical training wasn’t enough. Nutrition was where it was at and what mattered more than just going to the gym and lifting weights or running to try and burn off  any calories we consumed we needed to learn how to fuel our body’s properly. So I went to school again through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and got certified as a Holistic Health Coach. It was also the best time of my life. 

And now I am taking it a step further and going to school again to get board certified as a Functional Nutrition Counselor. 

Within this journey of discovery and healing, I finally freed myself from  yo-yo dieting and pill popping by learning about the body and how to really fuel from the inside out. Not just on a diet and exercise level but how we take care of our bodies as a whole. I realized if I cannot treat and respect my body with love it cannot do its job properly.  

We are all bio individuals and need to know how to take care of our bodies on an individual level. What works for one person, might not work for someone else (and that’s just reason 537 that I don’t subscribe to diets!)

When I ate properly, I not only felt happy and full of energy, my body began to transform and so did my relationship with it. 

I found the perfect balance between training (but not over training!) and nutrition. 

That’s when I finally found peace with myself and my body. 

And this is when I realized I wanted to help other women find this same peace and love with their body’s.


And here is where Undiet Yourself was born.

UnDiet Yourself is not a ... you guessed it: a diet.

I am anti-diets because they not only don’t work (up to 90% of people gain their  weight back) but more importantly these diets actually wreak havoc on our bodies and cause a lot of harm and long term health issues.  My mission is to help women Un Diet themselves and find a balance with well rounded nutrition & moderate exercise so they too can find peace with their minds & bodies.

You won’t find restrictive calorie counting, excessive workouts or strict rules here. 

What you will find is education around nutrition to help you re-fuel your body and find the balance you may have lost from YoYo diets, hormone fluctuations or recovering from being sick.

So, if this sounds like something that would help you finally find some answers to your frustrations I want to invite you to book a free consultation with me and we can see if this is the right fit for you. 


Welcome to the UnDiet Yourself Revolution!

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