Undiet Yourself

Ready to ditch dieting for good,
heal your gut, hormones,
and your relationship with food?

Welcome To The

UnDiet Yourself Revolution

Most people who come here find themselves…

-Exhausted all the time

-Confused about what to eat

-Frustrated with the lack of help from their doctors

Don’t worry you aren’t alone...

I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome these obstacles to get their energy back, find food freedom and finally understand what is going on with their body.

Hi! I'm Lizzie

Hello, nice to meet you!

I am on a mission to help people heal their gut, get their hormones back in balance and find peace with their bodies.

I find myself standing in the gap between my clients and their doctors. Unfortunately, in our medical system, you get 15 minutes with a doctor once a year. Your labs are read against “normal ranges” that may or may not apply to you. This level of care is inadequate for most people. That’s where I come in.


Years of
Tell me if this sounds familiar: You go to the doctor because you are feeling bad. You just know something is off. You wait for months to see the doctor, they finally run labs and … surprise!  and they say your labs are fine. They tell you to sleep more, lose weight and come back to see them next year.


I’m here to tell you the body never lies. If you feel off, that’s your body telling you there is something wrong. I’m here to help you figure that out (even when you have “normal” labs)


In the functional world we teach you to listen to your body and dig deeper when something feels off. Here’s how we do that:

How it works?


Help you understand what is going on with your body


Introduce proper nutrition, fitness, and healing practices


 Empower you to seek the ongoing support you need.

Ready To Get Started?

Here are 3 ways you can begin:

Group Coaching

This group is a holistic approach to healing your body. This intimate group program meets on zoom once a week and offers you a customizable fitness and nutrition program. Weekly group coaching on hormones, gut health, mindset, macros, etc. 6-month Minimum Commitment.

BONUS: Gut health course included with this program. 

Coming soon: Get on the waitlist

Individual Coaching

Work With Me


Client Success Stories

Hear out what my clients say about me.

Ready To Get Started?

Let me be the last coach you will ever need.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you provide personalized meal plans?
    No. I have done this in the past and have found it is a complete waste of money for people and no one wants to waste money. No one wants to follow a boring and robotic meal plan. Instead, it is better to learn how to balance your foods and nourish your body with the foods you already love. Travel, social events, birthday parties etc. will always happen so learning how to have fun with these events while still getting results is much healthier for our mind and body. 
  • Do I need a gym membership?
    No. You have the option to do gym workouts or home workouts. Some basic equipment you will need if working out at home, dumbbells and mini bands. That's it! Overtime as you get stronger you will want to make sure you have heavier weights but that can come later. 
  • Do I have to diet?
    No. Up to 90% of people that go on a diet end up gaining the weight they lost back and more. Dieting is not sustainable. But learning how to eat healthy in a well balanced manner that works for your lifestyle and body is. That is what you get here. 
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